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How To Properly Clean Your Wooden Floors

One of the most important bits of advice that can be given to people with wooden floors is to make sure that they vacuum their floors at least once every week. While this is a given in a lot of households, many more forget to do this. It is a piece of advice that must be repeated over and over to make sure that it is done like clockwork every week. The big reason behind the need for the constant, regular vacuuming is that the grit on a dirty floor is going to be just as bad for the floor as scraping sandpaper over wood would be. Over time, after being trodden often, the sandy bottoms of feet will cause the wood to slowly wear out, with the finish going first. If you could vacuum the immediate area every week, you could prevent this from ever happening.

Avoid Getting Hairspray or Polish On Wooden Floors
Either of these could spell disaster for wood. Furniture polish may not be something you think will affect luxury vinyl tile flooring but it does. The finish of a wooden floor can easily be turned into a cloudy horror when furniture polish spills on it and isn’t cleaned up immediately. Hairspray is another killer of a wooden floor finish. If either of these substances ever spill on your wooden flooring, clean them up as soon as you can with a damp cloth. If you want to clean the spill more thoroughly you can do this by using window cleaner. Make sure there is no ammonia in the cleaner!
Do Not Let It Get Damp
If there is one thing that can destroy the finish on carpet flooring Brisbane it is water. This doesn’t mean water that spills and is wiped up nearly immediately. Exposure to the elements is the main cause of this type of finish damage to the wooden floors in your homes. This exposure can occur simply by leaving your windows open during rain. The wind can blow dew into your home and onto your floor. The chances are that you won’t see it until it is too late to do anything about it. Always make sure that you close your windows when you feel like it is going to rain. Another quick tip would be to place trays under pots in your home to prevent water seeping out and into your floor. In addition to causing damage to the finish of your wooden floor, water damage can also lead to rotting wood and other problems that could ultimately cause some pretty dangerous accidents. Make sure you follow the right kind of advice if you want to make your wooden floor last for much longer.