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Questions You May Have To Ask When Choosing A Floor

If you own your own house and you’re getting ready to redo the floors, picking a hardwood floor is probably the best way you can think of doing. You are probably thinking that it is going to be pretty easy as well. After all, all you need to do is pick the type of wood and let the rest happen. However, you shouldn’t be so hasty. Simply picking any wood for your floors is going to do more harm than good. Depending on the type of home, the type of furniture, and a lot more factors, the wood that you pick is going to be different. You need to have a good, long think about what type of floor will best suit the rest of your home, such as the décor, upholstery and the furniture.

What are my options?

When you think about hardwood flooring, your first thought must be solid timber flooring which is probably the most classic option. Solid wooden floors have been around for decades. There is, however, another option that is open to you, which is engineered wood. This is basically an outer layer of the wood you want with an inner core that is made up of plywood. This is far lighter than traditional solid floors, and is able to take remnant moisture far better than the other. You need to keep in mind that the build of the floor that you are basing the wood floor on is going to count towards the type you pick. Engineered wood floors are better when used on a concrete base.

What floor is it on?

Installing solid timber flooring in Melbourne on the second floor of the house and putting it up in the basement are going to be two different ball games. You need to make sure that you know the grade of the floor that you are putting the wood on. Depending on this factor, your options will change as well. If you happen to put solid wood floors on the basement level, you are going to be in trouble because of the earth’s natural moisture seeping through and rotting the solid wood over time. Engineered wood, which is far better at dealing with moisture, is recommended for floors that are below grade (below ground level).

Make sure you have a good idea as to what grade your floor is going to be on, and pick the appropriate type of wooden flooring to suit this. If you are in doubt, ask an expert. There are many out there who are more than willing to help.