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What We Mean By Certified Wood?

When we talk about certified wood it is with reference to wood that is certified by organizations that manage forested areas. Forest Stewardship Council is one of the first organizations that started to offer certified wood in the mid nineties. At such a time sustainable way of maintaining forests came into being. After that there are several other organizations that have started to offer certification for wood. Reputed certification bodies offer wood that is trusted for its source and quality.

How certified wood is produced?

Many timber producers exist in the world, but to be certified for the kind of wood that one grows, they need to get an auditor to visit their premises. The auditor will come and check the trees and their health, general growing conditions and ensure that standards are met for growing the trees in a sustainable manner. The workers’ rights need to be met and environmental impact in tree harvestation needs to be checked as well. The management practices of the timber forest owners are also audited before the wood of such producers can be certified. Such wood is in demand from finest furniture upholsterers in Brisbane.

Certification process

Once the audit process is completed and all necessary standards and practices are met, the wood of a certain timber producer is deemed to be certified. The wood that is sold to furniture upholsterers and other parties from certified produces will have a checkmark on them. These marks are highlighted by the wood producers in marketing and branding initiatives. These businesses, as well as consumers who value eco friendly resources will look for certified wood for their projects.

Finding wood from certified sources

Nowadays, online directories highlight certified wood producers as per regions. US alone have about three thousand certified wood producers as well as companies that use certified wood. One can look up similar directories in their country or opt to get supplies from nearby states where wood is certified that it is sustainably grown and harvested. Many luxury and eco friendly furniture makers stress on the use of such wood in their different construction projects and items.

Paying a premier for certified wood

Certified wood is considered to be a premier product that comes at a high price. Wood sourced locally might be of inferior quality and harvested illegally, causing damage to local trade and to the environment. Hence, it is best that one is willing to pay a higher price for wood that is less in the world and takes time to grow in a sustainable manner. There are cheaper alternatives to wood which are popular in furniture manufacturing as well and hence, the choices are several as per the budget of customers.