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3 Affordable Ways To Make Your Old Bathroom Look Elegant And Luxurious

1. A Few Add-ons Can Make All the Difference

Have you tried adding a few new fittings to your old bathroom? A few chic fittings may be all you need to make your lifeless looking bathroom shine and gleam. 

Consider getting a semi frameless shower screen or frameless shower screens to add a totally elegant appearance to your bathroom with crystal clear partitioning. These will not only allow your bathroom to look modern and luxurious but also create the shower panelling and partitioning that you always wanted to get to prevent water from wetting the whole bathroom floor. You can also go for a new and improved shower panel with more options for control and new taps or pipes to stop the leaks while adding a new metallic shine to the place. Other add-ons such as new storage units and a vanity corner might aid to further improve the hint of luxury you are yearning for. Check out more here http://customglass.com.au/

2. A Bit of Decorativeness May be All it Needs

Interior design and décor can do much more to give your old bathroom a facelift than you can imagine. You don’t have to resort to a total makeover just to give your bath a more elegant appearance if you know how to manipulate the little things that can make a huge difference. Even simple additions such as new towels, a new bathmat, a mirror, a new shower curtain or a better looking soap dish might help improve the way your bathroom looks. Get creative and think of what you can buy anew or how you can make the things you already have look better. Inserting a few green plants is also a way you can add a bit of life and freshness to an otherwise dull bathroom. Consider changing the fittings of your lights to make the lighting more subdued or enhanced as needed. You can take a look at some magazines or search online for some inspiration and ideas.

3. Buy Better Brands of Toiletries

A simple way to up the ante around your bathroom without having to do any major changes or additions is to get better quality and better brands of soaps, shampoos, body lotions and other items of personal care and hygiene. This will not only improve your lifestyle but also give your bathroom a more luxurious look and feel. Anyone walking in to your bathroom and finding limited edition or expensive toiletries is bound to be impressed. So don’t forget to keep them on full display on a wall shelf or countertop and not hidden inside a bathroom cupboard.