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How To Enjoy Pool Time In A Small Home?

When the temperature starts rising higher and higher and it gets too much to handle the heat. The best option available would be to jump into a pool.

These days, spas are regarded as more than a luxury, in fact a necessity for many of us. In Australia and several countries, you notice swimming pools sprouted all over and not merely in public places. About 12% of Australians have installed a swimming pool in their home since they have understood its benefits. The way they ease you after a long day is probably the best feeling in the world. 

However, there are so many houses which do not have ample space for a swimming pool and in such a case, plunge pools turn out being the next best option. They are growing high on popularity and seem to be a little smaller than a regular swimming pool, yet bigger than a spa tub. You can perfectly install it in your backyard. For homes with a limited space, this turns out being a suitable option.

Health Benefits That You Get From Plunge Spa

Even though this may startle you at the start, but years back Romans and Chinese have used plunge spa or pools for therapeutic results. They would have noticed the way the body reacts the moment it is exposed to cold water. In the present day, we get the explanation through science and get to understand the positive effect of cold water especially if our body temperature is high due to a tiring activity or heat.

The moment you come from a heated environment, such as a steam room or sauna, and you take a dip into a pool where the water temperature is preserved between 50 to 55 degrees, a lot many things take place.

• First, due to the water being cold, your body releases endorphins and hormones. They work wonderfully like analgesics, which means you soon experience a relaxing and soothing effect, and works wonderfully especially if you have joint or muscle pain.

• Secondly, your immune system gets stimulated and cytokines chemical is released. When your immune system is working well, it would mean that it’s dangerous for virus and bacteria present in your system.

• The cold water works towards improving breathing and blood circulation and this way oxygen and blood will flow smoothly to all the organs. When you use the pool often, your blood pressure too would stay normal.

• The other notable point here is that these pools have been productive for cancer patients too. When cold water therapy was tested on them through these pools, the number of white blood cell was drastically increased. On the other hand, white blood cells are responsible for fighting away diseases.