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Tips For Cleaning Your Blocked Drains

Now-a-days, even a plumber Burleigh Heads demands more money than a branded dress. So, not everyone has the money to call one and get their drains fixed, but there are some simple tips that you can perform to unblock your blocked drainage systems.

Before you start the process, you must keep in mind that the pipes installed underground are arranged in a straight line order. However, when there is need for a sudden change, make sure to bend a little less also, get an inspection chamber over there. Who knows, there might a significant manhole mounted on it, there might also be an interceptor chamber.

First thing to suspect is the dis functioning of the WCs, there might be an overflow going on. When it comes to gullies, you can easily clear all of that by just cleaning. But, for other causes, you might have to clean the entire drain with the help of rods. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves while you’re at it.

Following are some tips that you need to know when you are getting geared up to unblock your drainage systems.

  1. Clearing the blockage: For  proper blocked drains, attach a plunger to a rod and dive it into the chamber at a single section of the blocked area, the side doesn’t really matter though. If you see that your chamber is empty, then you can easily locate the face of your pipe, but when working with the proper chamber, you might have to deal with some troubles with the plunger until you discover the mouth of it.
  2. Wet Jet: With the help of a hosepipe, clear all of the chunks by using a strong supply of water in the drain. You can also do that by filling the sink and the bath with sufficient water and release it all in one push.
  3. Locate the blockage: To figure out where the blockage is coming from, you are going to have to lift up the manhole mountings. You can get a hold of the cover with a simple raise from the garden spade. The chamber near the main drain, take a really close look at it. If it is empty, then there is a chance the blockage is between the chamber and the gully.
  4. Adding more Rods: Make sure to add as many pipes as you can to make the plunger function. Pro tip: Make sure to always oppose the rods clockwise while you’re using them. If you do this counter-clockwise, chances are it might go loose and be left in the drainage system and become a bigger problem. Keep pushing the plunger inside and take it back out a number of times.
  5. Clearing Up: When you are done with it, make sure to wash the rods and the gloves being used in the process completely and then soak them later with a dilute solution of disinfectant filled from the watering can. This will help to get rid of the after-gross feelings.