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Tips For Renovating Your Office

colouringMany people ignore to renovate their office space thinking it is a waste of money and it doesn’t really help the business. But the fact is that if your office is up to date, the employees will be happy. It is given fact that the environment is one of the motivation factors for employees. Here are some ideas that you can try out to bring out that freshness in the New Year.

Get rid of the cubicles
Most offices have these tiny little cubicles that make the whole space looks very cluttered. Best thing to do to make it look bigger is to remove these cubicles and make it a free space. If you must have some boundaries in the office, you can get painters in St Kilda at http://www.melbourne-painters.com.au/painters-st-kilda/ to put up some nice short walls and paint them nicely. Employees would like to feel that they are not trapped inside the tiny cubical and would be nice to have something nice to look at.

Use bright colours
When choosing a colour theme to the office, make sure you avoid dull colours that puts the workers to sleep. Use bold and bright colours. Also use very contrasting colours to make sure the office space looks bright. Use colours like orange, dark green, yellow to brighten up the work place. Avoid colours like grey and cream all throughout the office.

Have fun things
It is important that the office is a fun and enjoyable place to work. You can have walls made of chalkboard or white boards in meeting rooms and kitchen. You can get painters in Surrey Hills to do this for you, get more info. It will be a fun thing in the office if the employees could just write on the walls. Not all the walls but you can have some of this made this way. Having these in the meeting rooms will eliminate the need to have extra white boards.

Redo the kitchen
To make sure your employees are well motivated and happy to work, you need to make sure the office kitchen is updated. For most employees the office is like the second home for them. They spend most of the time in the office. It is important that the kitchen is nicely done. Get the latest coffee machine, redo the counter tops and run a coat of paint through the walls to make it more presentable. Most of you must have the fridges and cupboards for a long time and they might not have been renovated since the office opening. It is time to redo all of it to make sure that the whole office space is uplifted.