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Upgrading Your Bathroom

When thinking of renovating and upgrading your home, your bathroom might be one of the last places that you think about. However, your bathroom is extremely important and it should, ideally, be one of the first places you think about upgrading. We have all been to beautiful hotels and been amazed at how gorgeous their bathroom is and you have likely experienced how amazing it feels to have a warm, comfortable bath in a spacious, comfortable bathroom. The truth is, that every one of us has extremely busy lives and it is only those few minutes that we spend in the shower alone, away from the world that we have to ourselves. This is especially true if you are a mother with noisy, excited children. Your bathroom and the time you spend in it can be your few minutes of solace and in reality, it can be the one time in your day that allows you to relax and get your mind of life in general. Therefore an great upgrade to your bathroom can be a treat or a gift for yourself for all of the hard work that you do in your daily life as a mother and in your office. It is very rare that parents have the opportunity to reap the benefits of the money that they earn and this can be your chance to do so. 

Extend your bathroom

A bigger bathroom is always a better bathroom. Bring in a professional and ask them what the chances are of you extending your bathroom and making it a little bigger than it actually is. You can also choose to paint your bathroom pure white and add in a full length mirror to it in order to give the illusion that it is actually bigger than it actually is. You can also choose to have frameless shower screens Willoughby fitted in your bathroom as they can not only look amazing but they can prevent the water from your shower splashing out and causing you a lot more work, especially when your children are showering.

Glass splashbacks are also a great way to do this. You will need to look at all of these options and look at which ones are financially viable for you.
If you are willing to spend a little extra money on yourself, you can even look at the option of adding in a Jacuzzi to your bathroom in order for you to relax on a day off when your kids have gone to school and you have taken a day off from work.